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        Back in 2009, Suwannee was a Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. Her hobbies included making natural soap, lotions, massage oils, scrubs and bath bombs. Suwannee was soon teaching students how to create their own natural products and assisting them in obtaining Thai FDA approval for their recipes. To practice her English, she wrote a blog to help others make their own natural skin care products.

Please visit! www.duffinsorientalbeauty.wordpress.com

     Suwannee’s journey to become an esthetician and her continuing education included many classes on exfoliation. To fully understand and learn about each product for her clients, she was over exfoliating her skin and had become sensitive to every product she used. Her skin had lost its barrier. She had compromised skin. Suwannee once again turned to natural products which helped to heal and maintain her healthy skin and bring her skin’s barrier back to normal. 

Suwannee wants to help people relax by bringing Thai ancient wisdom to her esthetics practice. While some ingredients cannot be easily obtained here or may not be appropriate for all clients, substitutes can be made to provide a true east meets west experience.

  Suwannee would love for you to try her relaxing facial massage with handcrafted products in authentic Traditional Thai style. She works from the heart so that each and every client receives the very best individualized, relaxing and healing experience.