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(This is a women only spa. We do not accept male client)


  What is a Thai facial massage? 

       Traditional Thai facial massage is an ancient healing art that combines broad & targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation. It’s all about relaxing and healing. It focuses on giving you time to recover from the stress of daily life. It’s designed to sooth and relax you by using Thai medicinal herbs, Thai herbal compresses, Thai white mud, organic natural and essential oils. At the core of the best Thai spas in the Thai healing tradition are special elements offering the benefits of a glowing complexion, renewed energy and a feel-good factor, inside and out.

      The Tradition of herbal healing in Thailand dates back centuries; historical evidence suggests that the Thais practiced an integrated system of medicine incorporating the Indian Ayurveda system with Chinese practices, mixed with deep-rooted folk beliefs in the supernatural, mystical and astrological. The core philosophies of Thai medicine revolve around a balance among the four basic elements – earth, water, wind and fire – which comprise the essence of life, and appear as recurrent themes in many modern day spas. 

“No matter what you call a treatment or where it is given,no matter what ingredients,oils or essences you use”

– the most natural, pure and healing thing in the world is a caring touch



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